2019년 6월 1일 토요일

schmooze : 함께 편하게 이야기한다.

go for it : to put maximum effort into achieving something

Mi : You really went for it. didn't you?
Brett : No, no,no. they are still swollen,
 I'm gonna start casually referencing my new workout plan, then I'm gonna debut them Memorial day at Laguna beach.
Mi : I personally don't think you needed them, but if  you they make you happy~
Brett : I always wanted to be one of those guys running in tights, but I was too embarrassed about my legs.
Mi: If you'd just gone running,
Brett : You're overthinking this Mitchell
         You can't tell Cam. I love  him, but he is a giant blabbermouth.

Cam: Why are you being so evasive?

2019년 4월 21일 일요일

올리브샘영어꿀팁 정리

1. should - suggest나 recommend 의 의미로 사용하는 게 좋음.
  We must save the world. (o)
  We should save the world. ( 지구 지키면 좋죠. 라는 의미로 들림)

2. well : 기능이나 능력에 대해서만 쓸 수 있음.
           만족감을 나타내려면 enjoy
 I ate my meal well (X) - 밥 잘먹었다.
 I enjoyed the meal.(O)
 I enjoyed coffee, movie..

 Did you go on a trip well?(X)
 Did you enjoy the trip?

 Did you sleep well? (자는 기능)
 It didn't go well. (기능적으로 문제가 생겨서 잘 안됐다는 의미)
 How did you learn to speak English so well? (영어 말하기 기능에 대한 질문)
 He's not eating well these days.( 아파서 먹는 기능에 문제가 생겼다는 의미)

3. ~ 후에 in (afterX)
 in two weeks ( 정확히 2주 후를 말함)
 within two weeks(2주안에)

after : 시점 이후의 시간 통틀어 말함.
ex) Call back after one. 1시 이후의 모든 시간

4. interesting : 호기심을 자극하네, 깊게 생각하게 만드네..
호기심을 자극해서 더 알고 싶게 만드는 것이 아니면 fun

picnic, roller coaster, Haeundae, last weekend,... is fun.

5. ~ 하면
 if 를 쓰면 못할 수도 있다는 뉘앙스가 생겨버림. when 써야함.

I'll call you when I get home.
I'll text you when I get there.
Call me in the morning when you wake up.
Call me back when you're done crying.

6. Nice to meet you - 처음 뵙겠습니다.

구면일 때 인사법
Good to see you again.
It was nice to see you again.
It was really nice  catching up with you.
Let's do this again some time soon.

7. I don't feel good. ( 몸이 안 좋다)

  기분이 안 좋다고 할 때 :
I'm not in a good mood.
She's in a bad mood.

I feel bad. (기분이 안 좋다)
I feel bad about what happened today.
What you said to me made me feel really bad.

8. bad ( 매우매우)
I need your help really bad.
I miss you so bad.
I want donuts so bad.

9. stupid (한국말 바보 보다 느낌이 강함)

- silly ( stupid 보다 가벼움)
 That was really silly of me to say that.
- dumb (stupid보다 가벼움)
 You are dumb (strong) That was dumb ( 우회적인 표현)

10. I will ( 의지가 강함)
 ~ 할거야 라고 쓰고 싶으면 I'll

11. expect : 중립적 의미 (긍정, 기대 아님) 예상한다.
 look forward to (O)
 can't wait : 신나 (look forward to 보다 더 강함)
 I'm expecting ( 임신했다는 뜻)

12. alien (이방인) - 외계인의 뜻만 있는 것 아님.
I'm a legal alien here.
Police arrested 10 illegal aliens.
Do you have your alien registration card?

13. prepare :  대비하다.
전투, 결혼 준비와 같이 체계적이고 계획적인 준비할 때 사용.

나 나갈 준비해 - I'm getting ready yo go out.
나 운동할 준비해 - I'm getting ready to work out.
데이트 준비해- I'm getting ready for my date.
What are you getting ready for? - 주로 외출준비하는 친구에게 쓰는 표현
걔 준비하는 거 진짜 오래 걸려 - It takes him forever to get readyㅐ
be ready to ( 준비가 다 되었을 때 쓸 수 있음)

14. condition : 환자의 몸 상태에 대해 말하는 의학적 용어.

몸상태가 안 좋네 : I'm not feeling well.
오늘따라 기운이 없네 : I'm not feeling so hot today.
몸이 안 좋은 거 같아(몸살) : I'm feeling a bit under the weather.
나 오늘 좀 아픈 거 같은데 : I'm feeling ill today ( 감기몸살은 sick 보다 ill)
감기 오려는 거 같아 : I think I'm coming down with a cold.

My feeling, your feeling : feeling 앞에 소유격 붙이면 감정을 나타내게 됨.

15. eat 대신 grab/get
Let's get dinner.
Let's grab dinner.
Do you want to grab a bite to eat with me?
Wanna grab a bite?

Do  you want to go out for some pizza?
Let's go out for some ice cream.

16. on my own
     alone (X) 다른 사람의 방해없이 신체적으로 고립된 상태
I learned to read on my own.
How did you learn that on your own?
I'm self-taught.
 by myself - 남의 도움 없이 했다.
 I did it all by myself. (스스로 한것을 강조)

17 맛집.
  hole in the wall.
I know this really good hole in the wall.
It's a hole in the wall, but the food is really good.
That's my favorite hole in the wall.
  영국, 아일랜드 (hole in the world - ATM기계)

18. 모태솔로
forever alone.
He's forever alone.
I'd rather be forever alone.
He likes being forever alone.
 만나는 사람 있어요? Are you seeing anyone?
                            Are you dating anyone?

19. 닭살 돋았어.
Give me goosebumps.
Give me the chills.
Hearing his voice gave me the chills.
That sound makes my hair stand on end.
Kim Yeona's performance sent shivers down my spine.
That horror movie sent shivers down my spine.
손발이 오글거릴 떄 : That's so cringy.
                            That's so cheesy. 그거 진짜 촌스럽다.
싸이가 브리트니 스피어스에게 : Dress classy, dance cheesy.

20. 막 ~ 하려고 했어.
I was about to. : 지금 이순간에 일어난 느낌이 더 살아있음.
I was about to call you.
I was about to text you.
( I was going to call you :  지금 전화하려고 했는지, 일주일에 하려고 했는지 시점 알 수없음)

21. 외국인치고 젓가락질 잘하네.
You speak Korean pretty well for an American.
You handle spicy food really well for an American.
You're really good at 사구 for a first-timer.
You use chopsticks pretty well for a foreigner.
You make good kimchi for someone who's never been to Korea.

22. 나가는 '김에'
While you're at it, would you get me some ice cream?
While you're at it, would you take out the trash?
While you're at it, would you mind picking up the pizza?
Could you feed the cat while you're at it?
I might as well clean up the rest of the house while I'm at it.
I have to get some gas. I'll probably wash my car while I'm at it.
I'm going to go get a refill. Would you like me to get you something while I'm at it?

23. 에라 모르겠다.
Eh, whatever.
Meh, Whatevs.
Ah, Screw it!
Ain't nobody got time for that.

24. 그래서 뭐 '어쩌라고'
     So what?
     Who gives?
     Do you think I care?
     Who cares?
     And your point is?
     Does it look like I care?

25. 터지고 싶냐?
     How about a knuckle sandwich?
y     Come get some!
     You wanna piece of me? 나 감당할 수 있겠어?
     I'm takin you down.
     I'mma mess you up!
     You got beef? 터지고 싶냐?

26. 혹시 그 사람 전화번호 아세요?
  Do you happen to know where the subway station is?
  Would you happen to know which bus goes to Seoul Station?
  Would you happen to have a dollar?
  Do you by any chance speak Korean?
  Do you know his number by any chance?
  Do you recognize the man in this photo by any chance?
  by any chance / do you happen to 바꾸는 것 가능

27. 그런게 어딨어요?
 That's absurd.
 That's ridiculous.
 That's ludicrous.
 What in the world?
 What the heck?

28. 저 진짜 재수없다.
 You're so full of yourself.
 Do you ever think of anyone else? You're so full of yourself.
 Stop being so full of yourself.
That guy is always talking about how great he is. He is so full of himself.

Don't listen to her. She's full of it.(it은 crap똥 이지만 거짓말을 의미)

29. 차려입었네.
You're dressed to kill.
You look like a million bucks.
You look really sharp in that suit. (수트를 입은 남자를 향한 최고의 칭찬)
You're looking fly today son.
옷을 촌스럽게 입었을 때 : unfashionable.
조잡하게 촌스럽게 입었을 때 : tacky
 Wow. You're so unfashionable today. Why are you wearing socks with sandals? That's so tacky.

30.  내가 니 시다바리가
I'm not your servant.
I'm not your slave.
you're not my boss.
Stop bossing me around.
Don't tell me what to do.

31. 나 살 빠진 거 티나?
I've been working out these days.
I lost weight. Can you tell?
I can't tell the difference.
I can't really tell what's going on.

32. 내 맘이야.
Why did you do that? 너 왜 그러니?
Because I can. 내 맘이야.

Why did you wear that suit?
Because I can. 내 맘이야.

Why did you randomly get a new car? 너 갑자기 차는 왜 뽑았어?
Because I can. 내 맘이지.

33. 영어에는 '잘먹겠습니다' 라는 말이 없다.
Bon appetit
Enjoy your meal.
Let's eat.
Dig in.
Thank you for meal.

34, '더치페이'라고 하면 못 알아듣는다.
Let's go dutch.
Let's split the bill.
How about spilling the bill?
I'll pay for mine.
We'd like separate checks, please.
I got the cheeseburger and fries.

35. 행운을 빌어
There you go! (상대방이 잘하고 있을 때)
Break a leg. (배우나 음악가들이 사용)
Hang in there (상대방이 힘들어할 때)

36. guns - 큰 알통 의미

37. 힘들어
I'm having a hard time at school.
I'm having a hard time because  of all the homework.
Is your boss giving you a hard time?
Sorry for giving you a hard time.

39. 보고 싶다.
I haven't seen you in ages. 우리 본지 너무 오래된 거 같다.
Stop being a stranger. 이러다가 얼굴 까먹겠다.
I miss hanging out together.
Let's meet up soon. 우리 조만간 만나자.
I can't wait to hang out again. 또 같이 놀고 싶다.

40. 새로운 사람
new face(X)  I want a new face 성형 수술하고싶다.

I want to meet new people
Do you feel like you're ready to meet someone new?
I see you finally met someone new. 너 드디어 새로운 사람 만났구나.
It looks like we have some new faces today. 오늘 새로운 사람들이 생긴 것 같네.
We don't get a lot of new faces around here. 이 동네엔 새로운 사람이 거의 안와

41. 그냥 민방위 훈련이다.
It's just a civil defense drill.
 긴장 풀어 chill out.

42. 수고하세요.
헤어지는 경우 : Take it easy.
먼저 퇴근하는 경우 : Have a good one. See you tomorrow.
큰 업무가 끝났을 경우 : Thank you for all your effort.
격려하는 의미로 쓸 경우 : Keep up the good work.

43. 친구에게 호감을 표시할 때 : We should hang out more.
너 축구 좋아한다며?  같이 한번 하자.
I heard you like soccer. We should play sometime.
We should grab a bite to eat sometime.
Can I add you on Facebook?
What's your instagram handle? (handle : username)
Let's do something this weekend.
Let's go eat a drink.

44. 너무 바빠서 여유가 없을 때 정신없다. I'm out of it today.
너 오늘 정신 없어보인다. You look kind of out of it. Are you okay?
오늘 정신 빠진 것 같아. My head is in the clouds today.
오늘 완전 정신없어. Things are hectic today.
걔 오늘 정신없대  He said he's having a hectic day.
시끄러워서 정신 없잖아. I can barely hear myself think.
머릿속이 엉망이야 I'm feeling scatterbrained today.

I'm not myself today - 기분에 대한 표현(평소와 뭔가 기분이 다를 때 쓸 수 있음)
He's not himself today.

45. I don't like it 보다 상냥한 표현
I'm not into that.
I don't think she's into sports.
I'm not big fan of that.
It's just not for me.
I'm not crazy about it.
It's not my cup of tea.
I've never been big on fried chicken.

46. You're wrong. 따뜻한 표현
Really?  I heard that it was Canberra.
Really? I heard that she was dating Danny.
Are you sure? I thought that It was Canberra.
I think you might be mistaken.

47. Why did you come to Korea? 보다 친절한 표현
What brought you to Korea?
What do you think brought him to Korea?
Why did you choose Korea instead of Japan or China?
What make you want to come to Korea?
So, why Korea?